By Tara Westovers American Education Services (AES) founder and CEO Tara Westunder told BuzzFeed News her mother is a true American.

The story of her mother started with a visit to her family’s house in San Diego in 2002 when her mom, who was a single mom, brought her six children to visit her in a house with no air conditioning.

They didn’t have a car and were so hungry, she recalled.

The mother told the children, “You’re not going to need to worry about running out of food.

I know the Americans.

They have good food, and they’re good with kids.”

The family lived in the same town for four years before moving to Las Vegas, where the family moved to for a better life.

Her mother went on to teach at a university in the state, earning degrees in English and social studies.

In the early 2000s, Tara was working as a receptionist and working at a local law firm.

She said her mother had a special ability to make people feel comfortable.

“She could always get them to smile and smile and make them feel comfortable with who they were,” she said.

Tara, now 40, said her parents also had a gift for helping people.

“My mother was really a wonderful person, and my dad is really an amazing person,” she explained.

Travis and Amber Westover, a father-daughter duo, started American Education services in 2010.

Amber and Travis started their business with their father in 2014.

Tyson Westover says her mother taught him to be a better father.

He said his mom taught him that a child who is a good person is a better parent.

“I think she was the best mom in the world,” Travis said.

“She did everything for her kids.”

Tara said she grew up in a middle class family with a strong family structure.

Her family was not a wealthy family, but she said she could relate to her mother because she was a good cook.

Tina Westover said her mom taught her to be responsible for her own actions and not take for granted.

Tiger Westover also told BuzzFeed that her mother inspired her.

“My mom taught me that if you don’t want something, you have to take care of it.

If you want something from someone, you take care not to let them take for themselves what you have,” she told BuzzFeed.”

We had to work very hard and very hard, and it paid off.”

In the last few years, American Education has expanded to three other cities, including San Diego.

Trees were planted at their headquarters, and Travis and Amber said they are working to provide an array of programs for children in the area.

Trayvon Westover has also been involved in the organization’s community outreach.

“I’m a teacher, I teach to children.

My heart is in the community,” he said.

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