I want to tell you about the things that have changed in my life as a parent, but I’m going to do it by taking a step back and asking myself, “How did I do it?”

That’s what we do in the podcast.

We talk about how we have become more successful in our own lives, how we’ve made a lot of mistakes and the things we have learned from our mistakes.

We’ve made some mistakes, but the big one is how we taught ourselves to be better.

It’s been an absolute journey for me and it’s been a huge help in a lot in my own life.

I’ve learned to live my life the way I want, which is to be a great parent.

We teach children everything we know and then teach them how to be good parents.

We have a great, wonderful relationship.

We’re good at raising kids.

We do a good job of raising them.

We are very supportive of each other and I feel like it’s really helped me and my kids.

That’s one of the most rewarding things about being a parent.

It gives me the opportunity to be very, very proud of what we have accomplished.

And the other part is, we also have a wonderful support system, too.

When we do things right, we get a lot out of it.

I think a lot is going on.

We just need to make sure that it’s done right, and I hope that’s what you’re doing.

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