In his book “The Ultimate Guide to Book Publishing,” the famed writer Mark Twain described the process of creating a compelling, engaging book.

It took a while, but he said the goal was to find the right balance between simplicity and complexity.

“There’s a certain kind of reader who is not interested in the intricacies of writing or the craft of making a book,” he wrote.

“They don’t like the idea of writing a novel or doing a novel.”

He went on to suggest a couple of strategies to help you find your audience: “First, do a book that you really want to read.”

“If the audience isn’t buying it, they’re not buying it,” Twain said.

“Second, try to create something that people can’t do.

Something that’s so simple, it’s almost too easy.”

And he went on, “Don’t worry about the art.

Just try to be the art.”

One of the best ways to find your reader’s interest is to take them to the page.

“Write something that you think is interesting and interesting enough that they will come back to it,” says Mark Williams, the co-founder of The Book Company.

“This can be really tricky, because you need to get people to take a chance and make a decision.”

That chance can be something as simple as taking them to your website or Facebook page.

But it can also be something much more difficult: You need to persuade them to buy the book.

“You want to be able to make it feel real, to be something that they’ll buy and return to again and again,” Williams said.

But that doesn’t mean you have to make them feel like they’re reading a book.

You can also create a hook.

“Try to create an emotional hook,” Williams says.

“It’s something that makes it a bit easier for them to get hooked.”

This hook can be an easy one: “I want to know about this book,” or “this book makes me feel like I’m reading a good book.”

But it’s more than that.

You need a compelling story.

A compelling story makes a book a great read.

“A compelling story is something that appeals to people,” Williams explained.

“That makes it feel like it’s an exciting story.”

The key is to have a compelling hook.

When creating a hook, you have two things at play: the reader’s expectations and the writer’s craft.

The writer needs to create that feeling that you know the reader is going to enjoy reading the book, and that the author knows how to make the reader enjoy the book as well.

The first is to think about what kind of book the reader wants to read.

That will help you figure out how to create the story you want them to enjoy.

The other is to craft the hook that will keep the reader reading.

To do that, you need the writer to craft a story that appeals both to the reader and to the writer.

A good story will tell a story.

And a good story is not only good for the storyteller, but for the audience as well, Williams said, by making the reader feel like he or she is part of the story.

“I can think of a lot of good stories, but they’re only half good,” he said.

He suggests you go for a story like a story about a person who’s lost their job or who’s been in a car accident.

This story makes the reader want to keep reading the story even though the writer knows the story isn’t going to make sense.

“If you’re writing about someone who has lost their position, or a person that has lost a job, the story needs to have that kind of a hook,” he says.

The hook also needs to be compelling.

The better the hook, the better the book is.

It’s the hook we want to build on.

And the better it is, the more the book will appeal to readers.

“What makes a good hook is not necessarily the plot or the character,” Williams added.

“The hook is the story.”

A hook can have a lot to do with the writer, but it doesn’t have to.

“Some books don’t require a hook and are just good books,” Williams suggested.

But he said that, “When the story has a hook to it, it doesn`t have to have anything to do [with the story].”

It can just be about the writing.

This is where your craft can really shine.

You want the story to resonate with readers.

It can be the writing itself.

“When a story is about a writer, they want to make a story,” Williams continued.

“And when a story has hooks to it it is very important to write a story with hooks to them.

You have to do something with them.”

In fact, the trick to a great hook is to keep the story interesting.

“So what does it mean for the reader to read that story?”

Williams asked.

“Well, you want to have something that will

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