Driver Education, a course for drivers taught by instructors in the US, is coming to Australia.

The program is being rolled out over two years, beginning with a pilot program at Sydney’s Hobart University in September and ending in January 2020.

Key points:The program, launched by the University of Sydney in October, will be rolled out to all drivers, including those in the profession who have already completed Driver Education courses beforeThe program is intended to be a more comprehensive training tool for drivers and their families, while being more accessible to those without driver’s licences or driving licences with limited licence holdersThe program will offer more support and practical information for drivers, and also cover topics like insurance, vehicle maintenance, safety equipment, and the best ways to deal with traffic and road conditionsDriver Education was created by the US-based company Driver Education International, which works with hundreds of drivers in the United States and around the world.

It is now offering a similar program for Australian drivers, with the University and the state government planning to introduce the program in 2017.

But it is not clear when the program will be available in Australia.

“Driver Education is a new approach to driver education and is a collaboration between the US and Australian governments,” Professor David Jones, the program manager at the University’s Driver Education Institute, said.

This is a different model than Driver Education Australia, which is funded by the federal government.

While Driver Education has been successful in helping some people who have not had a formal driver’s licence to get one, its approach is not the most effective approach for all drivers.

The program was designed to teach the basic skills and knowledge that will make it more useful for those with limited licences.

Driver Education has also had some positive results.

Some drivers, such as drivers with learner’s permits, have already started to use it, according to Professor Jones.

A survey of drivers conducted in December 2016 by the Association of Australian Road Users found that the program has helped more than 4,000 people, including more than 1,500 with a learner permit.

Mr Collins, who is also a driver, said the course was important to him.

He said he needed to learn how to navigate roads, make turns and take a photo, and it helped him to think more clearly when taking the test.

His course was a chance to learn the basics and he got a lot of information from it, he said.

“It’s really important for the people that are behind the wheel, because when you have more of an understanding of how you drive, you understand things a lot better.”

He was also impressed with the practical information offered.

If you are in the industry, contact the ABC’s driver education program at the ABC or at 551 538 454 for information on the program or to register for it.

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