The parents of a 10-year-old girl are calling for a new type of parental engagement program for kids with autism, and they say they think parents have been neglecting the community.

Elizabeth Warner and her husband, Michael, were looking for a way to connect with their daughter’s friends through social media when they found the “Autism for Adults” social media group.

They’re not the first to look for such a group, but Warner says they’re the first ones to use the name.

“We think that it’s important for our daughter to feel supported by her parents and that’s a big part of her autism spectrum,” Warner told ABC News.

Warner and Michael Warner said they’re not worried about the group’s membership.

Instead, they’re hoping it can help their daughter learn about the condition, which has been described as a “disorder.”

“We feel like it’s really important for her to feel like she can connect with other people who are also affected by autism,” Warner said.

The program will include a social media team to connect parents with their kids.

The team will also provide support and advice to parents, parents can ask questions about their children’s needs, and parents can connect to an expert to discuss ways to best help their child.

The goal is to have a “one-stop shop for parents, children, and professionals on autism,” according to the program’s website.

The online community will include information on autism, autism services, parenting tips and resources.

The parents are encouraging other parents to join the group as well.

“It’s really a wonderful opportunity for us to connect and share the best practices of autism in our community, and to show how we can all help our kids get along and have a positive, productive life,” Warner wrote on the group website.

“There is a tremendous amount of hope for our child,” Warner added.

“I’m very excited about this program.

I know that the world is going to hear about it.

I’m also very excited that our family is going have access to this,” she added.

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