The NFL is putting its Christmas Day kickoff into the hands of the league’s largest union.

According to a memo obtained by NFL Network’s “NFL Countdown” podcast, the league has approved a $750,000 donation to the union’s “Museum of American Culture” in New York City.

The NFLPA is working on the budget for the $1,539,000 gift, which will help cover the cost of the game, according to the memo obtained Friday by

A team from the New York Giants is expected to arrive on the field on Dec. 25, which marks the start of the NFL’s annual holiday schedule.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is hosting a pregame ceremony at the stadium, and the NFL is offering a $100,000 bonus to the team for its participation.

On Thursday, the NFL released a statement that read, “We are very grateful to the NFL for its generosity and wish them and their families the best as they celebrate Christmas Eve.”

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