Windows 10 will soon feature a new education icon to help you keep track of your lessons.

The new icon, titled Education icon, will be available in the Settings app, and it will display when you hover over the Education icon on the Start screen.

You can tap on it to open the Settings menu, and you’ll be prompted to configure your Education settings.

When you’re finished, tap the Education menu again, and the icon will disappear from the Start menu.

You’ll be able to use the Education shortcut to launch Windows 10 without having to navigate to Settings.

It’s a welcome change, and we’re excited to see this feature in Windows 10.

However, Microsoft’s education icon has been known to be confusing to some users, and there have been some reports of confusion on other Windows 10 versions as well.

The education icon is also missing the ability to customize the icon.

Instead, Microsoft has introduced a new icon that uses a blue color instead of the current blue and white.

This icon uses a combination of two icons, a blue background and the word “Education” at the top of the icon to represent the icon and a white background to represent its content.

Microsoft is offering a tutorial on how to remove the education icon from Windows 10’s lock screen, which will also let you customize the education icons that you see on your Lock screen.

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