The author of the best-selling books “The Hunger Gospels,” “The Drowned City,” and “The Katniss Everdeen Chronicles” has been excluded from the upcoming sequel, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.

According to an email from the author, Nomi was “unable to attend” the film’s panel at Comic-Con International: San Diego.

In a tweet to the author on Friday, Warner Bros. said, “This has nothing to do with Nomi and nothing to with the Hunger Games.

This is the result of a mistake.

This mistake does not affect any of the films and the rights for future releases have not been renewed.”

In the email, Warner’s PR team explains that the “mistake” involved in excluding Nomi from the panel was because of her “favorable review of the film,” which was published in the Los Angeles Times.

“The issue has nothing whatsoever to do the films or any of their respective writers,” the email continues.

“This is the reason why Warner Bros., who has already committed to producing all of the sequels to the film, has not renewed the rights to the novel or film rights to it.

This has nothing, as far as we can tell, to do whatsoever with the book or the films.”

This is not the first time Warner Bros.’

PR team has taken issue with the movie’s casting.

In June, a group of former members of the Hunger Gagas band sued Warner Bros, alleging that they were unfairly denied roles in the film because of their gender.

The lawsuit claimed that the film would “undermine the legitimacy of the ‘Hunger Games’ franchise by presenting characters who are stereotypically male and therefore, unfairly, demean the female characters.”

In October, Warner Brothers announced that it would be pulling all future film and TV deals with Nami Prins, citing a “technical issue.”

Warner Bros has not responded to a request for comment.

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