The YouTube app for Android has become a key platform for teachers, as its free-to-play model has brought the app into the classroom.

The app, which launched in 2017, has become one of the most popular apps on the platform, with over 60 million users and nearly 3 million videos.

The new Google video streaming feature has made YouTube a key component of the app, with teachers being able to stream their own educational videos to their viewers and to subscribers.

Now, Google has launched a new video streaming app that lets teachers use the YouTube app as a teaching tool.

The educational app lets teachers create and upload videos that are shared via YouTube and can then be viewed by other users, with the teacher being able share their videos to anyone.

The video is then viewed by the teacher’s peers and can be downloaded and shared on their school’s YouTube channel.

“We’re bringing a lot of innovation to the classroom with our video streaming, and this app is the first of its kind in the Google family,” said Google CEO Sundar Pichai, speaking at the company’s first-ever developer conference, CodeCon.

“YouTube teachers can now create their own videos that can be viewed on any of their students’ devices.

The videos can be shared to their students and to their teachers.”

The video streaming application allows teachers to share videos from students on their own devices or through Google Assistant.

Teachers can also share their video in their own classrooms, but they will have to use the app to share the videos on the YouTube channel of their classroom.

Teachers are able to set a time limit for their videos and they can be uploaded as many times as they want, and the app will auto-upload videos to the students’ personal YouTube accounts as long as the videos are posted within 24 hours.

The developer preview of the video streaming tool was made available at Google’s CodeCon event on Monday.

Pichi added that the app has received a number of features that teachers have been asking for, including automatic uploads, the ability to add video tags, and a video description.

The teacher’s videos can also be edited and can show the caption of the uploaded video, and Google Assistant can help the teacher create personalized videos.

For example, a teacher could include a quick link to a YouTube video that includes the word “bicycle” in the description, or the teacher could use Google Assistant to add a link to an article about the word.

The YouTube video streaming service has received its first major update this week, which brings new features like a timer that lets users pause and resume their video, a feature that allows teachers and students to share their own clips and a new “video tag” feature that shows a description for the uploaded content.

The “Video Tag” feature is similar to the “Watch This” feature in Apple’s iOS, which allows users to watch YouTube videos without having to tap through a lengthy YouTube video tutorial.

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