Posted November 16, 2018 10:56:23 A report released by the National Children’s Bureau has revealed that nearly a quarter of children under 18 years of age are unable to read and write in English, and only one in ten children can read and comprehend a language other than English.

The National Children and Families Agency (NCFA) released its latest report entitled “What to do when you’re struggling to read, write and understand a language”, highlighting the issues that children are struggling with at school.

It said the report revealed that over three quarters of children in primary schools do not understand a single language, and that children aged from three to eight years old do not speak a single non-English language.

“A significant number of children who cannot read or write in any language other a second language do not have access to the primary school curriculum,” said NCFA chief executive officer Maryanne Murphy.

“There is no doubt that many of these children are at risk of losing their right to attend primary school and learning English.”

If you’re a parent who is concerned about your child’s educational success, we urge you to talk to your child and to speak to your local school principal about what’s happening at school.

“Read moreThe report also found that the majority of children are failing to meet the national standard for literacy.

The report found that only 16 per cent of children aged five to nine years old have reached the national literacy standard, with children aged between five and eight years having an average reading and writing rate of only 18 per cent.”

The data shows that the most disadvantaged children are most likely to fall short of the standard, and the most advantaged children have the highest rates of achieving the standard,” Murphy said.

The NCFA report also revealed that, while English is the national language of the majority, it is the second most frequently spoken language spoken in Australia.”

This is surprising given that children’s native language is also English,” Murphy added.”

It is particularly surprising given the fact that the literacy rate of Australian children aged three to four years is around 70 per cent.

“Ms Murphy said the results of the report would be used to improve the literacy rates of the school sector.”

In this instance, we will be using this information to support the implementation of a school reading and language programme that would see all schools in NSW providing English as the primary language of instruction,” she said.”

We are also keen to see any other language that children in our school community are unable or unwilling to use, so that they can receive a high-quality, relevant education.

“The NCFAs report comes as NSW schools grapple with the fallout from the national government’s $15 minimum wage and its impact on families, students and businesses.

The national minimum wage of $10.15 per hour will now be phased in across all businesses, with the introduction of the minimum wage being announced this week.

The study also found the number of primary school students in poverty has increased by more than 50 per cent since 2007, with over one in five children living in poverty. “

The report highlights that the economic stress of the global economic downturn has created an enormous stress on children and their families,” Ms Murphy said, adding that children also have a greater need to learn the English language.

The study also found the number of primary school students in poverty has increased by more than 50 per cent since 2007, with over one in five children living in poverty.

There is also evidence that the high cost of living in the Sydney region is having an impact on schools and primary school enrolments.

A number of states and territories have introduced their own measures to combat the impacts of the regional economic downturn on their schools, with Queensland recently announcing plans to spend $2.4 million over the next two years to support teachers in disadvantaged areas.

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