The next generation of American business executives will soon be learning Mandarin Chinese, and they’re already starting to get good at it.

A new study from the Brookings Institution shows that students in Chinese-language schools are getting better at speaking Mandarin, with some schools getting better than 90 percent of students.

And, the study found, Chinese-speaking students are more likely to go on to go into STEM fields than non-Chinese-speaking ones.

The Brookings study, which was published in the Journal of International Business, focused on Mandarin-speaking Chinese students in California.

The study also looked at the first year of college in China and found that Chinese-American students, who made up almost 20 percent of the students, made up only 10 percent of college freshmen, and were just under 10 percent overall.

In contrast, about 40 percent of Chinese-Americans and Chinese-Caribbean students from the same countries attended college in the U.S.

The authors also compared the Chinese- and non-native-speaking groups.

They found that the Chinese students, in general, scored higher on math, science, reading, and communication skills than the native-speaking group.

Chinese-language students in their first year are also more likely than the non-speaking native-speakers to go to graduate school.

For example, Chinese students were more likely and more successful in their bachelor’s degree than the average non-language-speaking student, and their average grade point average was about 3.4 points higher than the median for non-languages.

The new study comes on the heels of the Trump administration announcing a plan to increase funding for Mandarin-language education in the country, a program that has faced backlash.

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