Posted September 23, 2019 10:02:55The role of an educational consultant is to assist teachers and staff with their educational needs, particularly for the purposes of developing skills and teaching methods for students.

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Tzotzy, a 5-year-old, was shot and killed.

Her mother, Eileen, told local media that the attack was not random.

“I saw the bullet hitting the door of the house,” she said.

“When I came out to find her lying on the ground, she was crying.”

Her daughter’s boyfriend, Tzotzin Tzobz, 22, has been charged with murder and attempted murder in Tijuana.

A witness told local television station Televisa that he fired at the couple, who fled in their SUV, but did not report the shooting.

The attack comes after a spate of domestic violence cases in Mexico.

The number of killings has more than doubled since January, and more than one person has been killed in the country since March.

Authorities have struggled to contain the violence.

In the latest homicide case, authorities said two men were killed in separate incidents, including the killing of a 19-year old woman in the city of Tlaltala.

In January, the government launched a nationwide campaign to crack down on violence, including an initiative to create a new federal police force, the “Tzogliari” or “Tzu-tzu” police.

Tzekele, who was pregnant at the time, told the Associated Press that her husband had threatened her and said that he was going to kill her if she did not marry him.

“We were afraid to go out.

He said, ‘If you don’t marry me, I’m going to come back and kill you.'”

Tzodas husband had been working as

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