What you should know about the proposed legislation in Texas:1.

The bill has the backing of some of the most conservative governors in the country.

The Texas Tribune reported that Republican Gov.

Greg Abbott is backing the bill and that state Sen. Judith Zaffirini has also supported it. 2.

The measure is not a “bipartisan” effort.

That’s the name given to the bill in some states that passed legislation in 2015 aimed at eliminating the federal requirement that public schools offer standardized testing.

In the U.S., education reform bills have often come from one party, but this one is from two, said Chris Horner, the director of education policy at the liberal Center for American Progress. 


It’s a bipartisan bill.

This year, Republican Rep. Scott Garrett has been a strong advocate for the bill.

“I think it’s time to move forward on the most basic principle that every child deserves to be able to reach the highest standards in our schools,” Garrett said in a statement.

“We cannot continue to allow a nation of teachers and students to be bullied and degraded by this outdated and unfair system.”4.

The legislation would affect many schools in Texas.

Many public schools are already required to offer standardized tests.

And it would require some schools to adopt new technology.

The new bill would also create a new program to provide additional support to schools and teachers.5.

The funding would be funded by a 3.3 percent payroll tax on corporations.

Under the current system, the tax breaks are split between the state and the federal government.

The 2.9 percent payroll-tax exemption would go to the state, which is currently in the middle of a $15.5 billion budget deficit.

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