In the age of social media, there are those who would rather be the first to answer a question.

So if you want to avoid being cornered by the dreaded teacher, here are five tips to avoid this dreaded and often embarrassing event.

The Concho Teachers are not the first one to ask a question during the day.

“In the middle of the night, it’s like someone is knocking on the door of your home and saying, ‘I need a job’,” says Dr. Jill Linton, co-founder and director of the Concho Education Institute.

She recommends talking to a family member first, so they can confirm what they need and can help plan the time.

“They might need to call the school to confirm that, for instance, there’s a new teacher on the way,” she adds.

Dr. Linton also suggests talking to the school itself.

“If you’re talking to someone outside the school system, you may have a very different response.

If you’ve never been cornered before, and you’ve just got to ask the question, it might be worth taking that extra step,” she says.

What to look for and avoidWhen you’re cornered, you’re probably expecting a polite response, says Dr Linton.

But it’s not always the case.

Sometimes, she says, it may be easier to just ignore the person who’s cornered.

When you approach a cornered person, try to be polite and direct.

“It’s not a bad idea to give them a hug,” she advises.

It’s also important to try and find a calm, calm place to ask.

“It’s usually more comfortable for a person to be sitting in a chair, rather than to stand on the corner and get yelled at by the teacher,” Dr Lenton says. 

“But if you’re really cornered and are trying to calm yourself down, you can try a small walk away.”

“Just make sure you don’t get in the way of the teacher’s work.”

Dr Linton recommends listening to the person’s words and keeping your voice low and quiet.

“The most effective way to make sure that you’re calm is to not say anything at all,” she suggests.

“Don’t interrupt,” says Dr Hahn.

“Don’t yell.

If you’re too close to the teacher, they may try to get closer and yell.”

Dr Hahn says that when cornered with someone who is not trying to be aggressive, they might not realize it’s corning you until it’s too late.

Once you’ve calmed down, Dr Linson recommends giving the person a hug and saying hello.

“You don’t have to make eye contact, but just acknowledge that you want a hug.”

Dr Hagen agrees that the best thing to do is to simply let the person know you’re fine.

“Be nice and be patient, and don’t make a big deal out of it,” she tells ABC News.

“That way, the person is not too concerned about what you’re doing.”

You might think corning someone is the only way to get a teacher’s attention, but Dr Hagen says you should also be aware of the school’s rules.

“They’re very specific about what they expect of you, so it’s up to you to be mindful of those,” she warns. 

Dr Hagan agrees.

“Sometimes they don’t give you a chance to ask questions.

If that’s the case, they can always call back the next day,” she explains.”

But you have to be careful of this.

Sometimes, they don’ t want to call you back, so just wait a few days and try again.”

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