LEGOs first-party schools are looking to build an ‘ecosystem of learning’ for the next generation, and they’re using Google’s latest partnership with the internet giant to do so.

Legos new partnership ‘builds a world class’ in education, says Google  The platform, which was unveiled at the IFA tech fair in Berlin, was designed to provide schools with an open platform to deliver high-quality educational content that students can access in a matter of minutes. 

Google, which will soon be making its foray into education, is a big supporter of the education sector, having invested $2bn in education brands such as Google Maps and the Google Learning Centre, and its parent company Alphabet has invested heavily in the field in recent years. 

With this partnership, Google will also be working to create ‘ecologies of learning’, an initiative aimed at connecting schools and learners in the education ecosystem. 

‘Legos’ new partnership creates a platform for the education industry to create an ecosystem of learning to enable students to access relevant learning and learning content across Google services, including Google Maps, the Google Play Store and the Chromebook, as well as the Google Education Cloud. 

Google is also providing funding to the program, which aims to provide access to over 1.3 million students across the world, and the program is open to schools and other learners in Germany. 

Legos partners Google Play and Google Education in Germany to build the ‘ecoesystem of education’ Google Education, the platform that will soon begin providing Google Education students access to Google Maps in their classrooms, is also helping to create the “ecosology of learning” Google has been building. 

The initiative will use Google’s Chrome platform to give students access on the platform to a wide variety of Google services such as maps, apps, videos and more. 

According to a statement from Google, this will help students find the right content to engage with their peers and teachers in an engaging way, and also help students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

This will help schools build a platform that is both fun and engaging, enabling students to discover content from a variety of sources and create new learning experiences with ease. 

While the partnership will give students in Germany access to the Chrome app, they will also get access to YouTube videos from the Google Educational Cloud.’

Google Education students will get access on Google Play to the Google Maps platform’ Additionally, Google Education has partnered with Google Play for its educational content, which means students can also access Google Play content from other partners, including YouTube and YouTube Kids. 

“Google Education’s partnership with Alphabet is an exciting first step toward building a seamless ecosystem of education,” said Dan Vetter, president of the German Association of Educational Technology (DEIT).

“We believe this partnership will provide a platform where the students and teachers from our partners can work together to create content for our communities and to engage in a world of learning.” 

The partnership will be an ‘incredibly valuable contribution’ to Google’s education offering, he added. 

Meanwhile, Google is also offering up to £20 million to partners to develop content on the Chromebook and other Google apps for students, and there will be a ‘substantial’ amount of funding for this. 

What’s next for Google Education?

“We will continue to work with our partners to deliver quality content on our platform, and to deliver a high-performing education ecosystem for our students and our teachers,” Vetter said.

“We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to work together on a shared mission to help students and educators find content that’s relevant to their learning needs.”

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