A new token called “Education” has been created by the company that will allow teachers and students to pay for education using their real-life digital identities, the Crypto Coins news site has reported.

The Education token will be used for school expenses, but is also intended to serve as a secondary form of payment for those who are interested in taking on more traditional post-secondary education.

The company, named Nxt Education, is a company that uses blockchain technology to provide educational tools for education.

The company has raised $1.6m from investors including BTIG’s Andrew Perkovic, and the first batch of its ICO has already been launched, with the first token to be released on January 6.

The team is now working to raise more money to make the project live and available to everyone.

The Education token is designed to offer students, teachers and teachers themselves the ability to pay their tuition using their own digital identities and tokens.

According to Nxt’s website, the Education token allows users to create, edit and share their own classroom and classroom-related content.

Teachers can also make payments for teaching and learning, and users can view and edit their own classrooms.

The team at Nxt says the Education Token is designed “to make it easy to create and share your own classroom content and the ability for teachers and learners to pay using their identities.”

The company is currently seeking investors, with an initial goal of $10m, and plans to launch the token by the end of February.

It is unclear if the token will include a payment service for users, or if it will simply offer a secondary payment option for those willing to pay with the token.

While the Education tokens are not officially yet available for purchase, the company says the token is “currently available for anyone to use” for education expenses.

This isn’t the first time the team at this company has been involved in the cryptocurrency world.

In January, the firm unveiled its first token, called “Nxt Gold”, which is intended to be used as a means of payment to buy the cryptocurrency, Nxt.

Nxt says its education platform will allow students to earn “real-world rewards” for their education through the use of Nxt tokens.

The token will also be available for those interested in joining the education community.

The first set of tokens will be available to purchase from Nxt on January 5, and there is no set price for the first set.

While there is still no clear pricing for the tokens, Noxx is offering a discount to those who sign up to the education token.

A “special offer” is available for holders of a certain amount of tokens, which are now available for pre-order on the Nxt website.

The token will go on sale on January 13 at 12:01am GMT, with pre-orders also starting to roll in on January 18.

This is the second token announced for the Nox platform in the last month, after the company announced the launch of the “Noxx Education Token”.

Nox was the first company to launch an ICO in 2017, with a $10,000 ICO, but that token is now on sale again.

Nox’s first token was $5,000, and was then followed by NoxX in 2018.

Nox’s ICO launched in November, but the company recently announced that the token has been “rescheduled” from January 19.

A new “Naxx Education” token will remain available, and Nox is offering additional token options, including a “Nexus” token, “NX”, “NXT Gold”, “SIX” and “NxX” tokens.

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