A $3.5 million grant to the Verto Education Foundation to develop a program to increase literacy among girls in rural India is an example of the impact that the $100 million program has had on the lives and development of hundreds of thousands of girls in developing countries, according to the foundation’s CEO and co-founder.

“The grant is helping thousands of disadvantaged girls and women who are now studying for their first education,” said Jaiya Singh.

The grants have made huge gains in literacy, health, and physical and mental health. “

The results speak for themselves.

The grants have made huge gains in literacy, health, and physical and mental health.

The impact is immense.”

Singh, who has worked with Verto since it was founded in 1999, said the grant has been a huge success, with many of the program’s beneficiaries in the last five years achieving high levels of literacy.

“We have seen significant improvement in health and physical well-being.

The girls are getting more and more excited about going to school and getting a better education, and I think the girls are now seeing a benefit from the grant,” Singh said.

“And that is an achievement that is impossible to measure with numbers alone.”

While Verto has had an impact in India, the program is also a global phenomenon.

India has been home to Verto for almost a decade, with the program serving about 250 million students in India alone.

The foundation’s grant for this year was the largest ever for any grant in India.

“Vera is very ambitious,” said the foundation executive director, Dr. B.V. Saha.

“I think the reason for the success of this program is because the foundation works with the best and the brightest in India.”

Singham, who is based in India and speaks several languages, said that Verto’s grant was awarded for three main reasons.

One was the impact it has had in the lives in developing communities, where literacy rates have been higher than the national average.

Another was the number of beneficiaries.

Verto said that nearly half of its grantees had achieved their highest level of literacy, and half had achieved higher levels of physical and psychological well-­being.

“It’s not just about literacy, it’s about education.

And we are seeing an amazing impact on the health and mental well- ­being of our beneficiaries,” Singh told Buzzfeed News.

“It is inspiring to see the impact of Verto and its grant programs on people’s lives, not just in India but in countries all over the world.”

This is the most comprehensive grant we’ve ever been able to make in India,” Singh added.

The Verto Foundation is the oldest and largest non-governmental organization dedicated to improving the lives, health and well-‑being of children and adolescents.

The nonprofit focuses on empowering girls, especially girls from marginalized communities.

For the first time, Verto announced that it was giving away $10 million to the nonprofit and its partners to develop its “literacy grant program,” which has been widely recognized as one of the largest such programs in the world, with over 30,000 girls receiving the grant.

Verco also announced the launch of a literacy program for girls in China and the Philippines, as well as a program in Nepal, where Verto also is working.

Verso was founded by former President Jimmy Carter and former Vice President Al Gore in 1999 and now operates in over 190 countries, with more than 15,000 students receiving the $1 million grant.

“Their support has been overwhelming.”””

We are very grateful to Verco for the support that they have provided to the organization and to our work to empower girls to have access to literacy,” said Saha, who said that the grants had been extremely popular among the program participants.

“Their support has been overwhelming.”

“There are so many ways in which the grants can help, but they all begin with a commitment to empower,” said Singh.

Verte’s initiative has helped thousands of young girls in poor countries and has also helped to build trust between girls and their communities.

“You don’t have to be rich to be a good reader or a good writer,” said V.M. Prasad, a girl who is from the Indian village of Gwalior in Rajasthan, which is the home of Verte.

It means you can speak English.””

When you can go to school, it means you are getting educated.

It means you can speak English.”

Singhan said the grants have had an enormous impact in the communities in which Verto operates.

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