— Students of Michigan State University are not allowed by their parents to attend classes, but are planning to go to college anyway, hoping to become educated and contribute to society, the students said in a video message released Monday.

The group of Michigan students, who are members of the National Alliance of Students with Disabilities, wrote in the video that they are excited to attend college after their parents’ support, but they said they have never been given permission to attend class.

The video was filmed by the students as they shared their personal experiences of attending school, their families’ struggles with health problems and struggles with financial aid.

“I’ve been here, I’ve been to school, I’m a student,” one student said.

“I’ve done all the things that I could do.

Now I’m in college, I can get more help for myself.”

Another student said, “My parents were really concerned about me.

They were concerned about my health, my education, and I don’t know if they understood what I was going through.”

The students also said they hope to contribute to the education system, with a special focus on those with disabilities.

“We are not here to just go to school,” said one student, who asked to remain anonymous.

“We’re here to contribute.

We’re here because we want to contribute.”

The group said they are hoping to raise money for a university library, the $2.8 million National Center for Education Statistics.

Michigan State University is a private, for-profit university that was founded in 1921.

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