Posted June 05, 2019 05:19:37Australia’s post-primary education system has become increasingly aggressive and bureaucratic in the past few years.

But while it is still young, the new system is being praised by teachers as being among the most effective and humane in the world.

“It’s been a brave move, but it has made a big difference in terms of our teachers getting the best results and the quality of the teaching and the knowledge we’re getting,” Victoria’s Minister for Education, Christopher Pyne, told ABC News.

Teachers who want to make a career out of education have traditionally relied on a two-year contract that covers both full-time and part-time education.

Many post-school teachers are currently employed as part-timers.

However, the number of full-timing jobs in the sector is dropping rapidly, with the majority of schools employing full- and part the students.

For example, a new report by the National Education Union found that just under 30 per cent of teaching jobs were vacant in 2019-20.

Victoria’s new post-Primary Education (PEP) system aims to provide an education model that’s fair and equitable for all students, while also being able to adapt to a changing workforce.

PEP will be a part of the government’s “first-class” post-Secondary Education (FSE) system, which will offer post-12 students free school meals, free tutoring, and extra support for academics.

Mr Pyne said the new PEP system was the most efficient and best value for money for the state.

“[PEP] is the perfect system for the students in Victoria, the students at other states, the employers in Victoria who have to pay for those things,” he said.

He said there were “two very clear winners” in the new model, and he praised the system’s efforts to improve access and quality of education.”[The new PPE system] is being implemented in a way that’s very, very, well-thought through,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

It has been a tough year for education, but we’ve had some good outcomes.

The Government’s education system is showing promise, and it will have long-term benefits for the State.

The Government is currently working on a plan to ensure that PEP students in its first-year school are eligible for free school lunches, and to expand access to the new post 12 curriculum.

Students will be able to take the free meals from 9:00am to 2:00pm.

This new PEG system is the result of a collaborative process between the Victorian Government and the Victorian Education Union, and is being run by the Victoria Postsecondary Education Organisation.

A report into the new program released in June found the PEP program delivered better outcomes for the post 12 students than the traditional system.

Dr Peter Wilson, the vice president of the Victorian Postsecondary Teachers Association (VPTTA), said the PEG program was a “win-win” for students and teachers.

“(The PEP model) will help make sure the students who come through our schools are able to go into the future with confidence,” he explained.

VPTATA has also been advocating for PEP to be included in the next FSE system.

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