The Australian Government is proposing new laws to stop the spread of a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that has already claimed many young women’s lives.

The Government is also launching a pilot scheme aimed at encouraging students to self-report sex-related incidents to ensure their safety.

Key points:Students will be able to self report incidents of STIs to protect themselves and other students in their schools and communityThe pilot scheme will be rolled out over three years and will target young people aged 15 to 19In a statement, the Prime Minister said young people needed to feel safe and confident in school.

“Schools are the best place to raise kids and we are committed to ensuring they have the opportunity to succeed in school and to learn from each other,” Mr Turnbull said.

“This pilot is designed to give young people the confidence to self identify as having been sexually assaulted, and report incidents to our police so they can protect themselves, their friends and their families.”

The pilot will also be rolled-out over three year so students can experience the consequences of the infection and hopefully be safer.

“He said the pilot would be rolled up over the next three years.

The program will be overseen by the Sex Education National Education Service (SENES) and is aimed at increasing the number of young people identifying as sexually assaulted.

The pilot program will target the following groups:Aged 15-19: 16 to 18 years old will be included.

The ACT’s sex education commissioner said this was a significant shift for the State and was aimed at creating more confidence and acceptance for young people in the ACT.”

It is the most important thing we can do for young students,” Ms Smedley said.”[It is] really important that we do the best that we can to make sure we are teaching young people that sexual assault is not a part of the community.

“She said that, in many cases, it could take a long time to find someone to talk to and it was a difficult time for those students.”

We’ve got to work hard and we’re not going to stop until we get that message across,” Ms Spence said.

The SEDS is currently developing a model for self-reporting to the ACT Police Force.

The Attorney-General’s Department will be providing advice on the pilot program, which will include the development of guidelines for reporting, and the development and use of a web-based reporting tool.

Topics:sexual-offences,education,health,community-and-society,health-policy,crime,sexual-health,victim-blaming,sexualization,crime-prevention,community,crime—state-issues,government-and.parliament,sexualassault,sexuality,schools,australia,vic,aurna-2588,vicnews,auburn-2650,vicsource ABC News (“AUSTRALIA”) title What you need to know about sexual offences against children and youthThe ACT Government is developing a pilot to prevent sexual assaults against young people, with the aim of increasing the numbers of students identifying as having experienced sexual assault.

Key Points:The pilot is being rolled out to target the group of 15-17-year-oldsThe pilot, due to launch in the summer, will focus on young people and the prevention of sexual assaultsThe pilot also will involve the ACT Education Department and the ACT Government, which is overseeing the projectCommunity Centres will be set up to help students self-identify as sexually-abused, and young people will be encouraged to report incidentsThe pilot project will focus primarily on 15-18-year olds, and will be conducted by the ACT Department of Education and Skills and the Education Department of Health.

Topics,sexualisation,sexual assault,sexualhealth,child-abuse,victims-of-sexual-assault,victis-lawrence,aesthetics,school-and/or-learning,victoria-2560,vicSource: ABC News | Duration: 19min 29secTopics:child-sexual,school,sexualoffences-and_offences

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