NFL News article NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora breaks down the Week 3 matchup between the Ravens and 49ers, and discusses what to expect for the defense and special teams.1:54Bust: The Raiders are a good team.

They’ll have a few big plays, but they’re not going to put up points.

A lot of it is going on with the defense.

I’m not worried about the defense because they’re a great team.2:04PFF’s Mike Renner is excited about the Rams-49ers game on Sunday.

Renner has a solid outlook for this matchup.

The Rams offense is in the middle of a rough stretch.

They have one of the worst passing games in the NFL and rank 26th in yards per attempt.3:17Renner believes the Rams are better than the 49ers.

They’re a team with a lot of talent.

They can do a lot with the running game.

Renner also sees the Rams as a great defense.4:10Bust : The Falcons will win, but it won’t be close.

They should win this one by a few points, especially with Matt Ryan (back) on the sidelines.

The Falcons have the edge in the passing game, but that will be tested by the 49er pass rush.5:15Renner thinks the Ravens will win this game.

The Ravens are a tough team to play, and this is a tough game for the Ravens.5

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