The Obama administration has proposed sweeping new rules that would require schools to allow students to read aloud material in class if they are on their own time, and have them submit their work for approval, as opposed to a traditional “paper-and-pencil” method.

The rules, which were drafted by Education Secretary Devin Nunes and Education Commissioner Kala Harris, would allow students with learning disabilities, special needs and students with special needs students to use laptops and tablets in class.

The Obama administration also announced on Tuesday that it is asking the Office of Management and Budget to draft regulations to expand access to free textbooks for students with disabilities and special needs, and to make sure the federal government will provide $500 million to expand online textbooks for these students.

The new rules are part of the Education Department’s “Make America Work” initiative to boost job creation.

The proposed rules are the latest effort by the Obama administration to crack down on the use of technology in schools, with many other states considering similar policies.

But they are the first attempt to make such rules mandatory.

According to a study by the University of Michigan, using technology in class has become increasingly popular among students, with about 40 percent of students using it for homework and more than 40 percent using it to study at home.

The study also found that only 30 percent of teachers had seen an increase in students using technology, and only 27 percent of instructors were aware of the use and availability of technology.

A study by Georgetown University found that 70 percent of middle school students who used technology in a class were able to do it safely and successfully, and that they were using technology to better their grades.

The administration also plans to issue regulations to make it easier for teachers to share information on the state of their students’ learning and test scores, as well as on their ability to use technology to prepare students for college.

President Donald Trump’s Education Secretary Kala Harris said on Tuesday she was excited to “lead this push for transparency and accountability in education.”

She also called for parents to be able to have their children participate in the process of “reviewing the science behind every student’s learning and assessment.”

But the new rules could also complicate efforts by the Trump administration to boost teacher and school accountability.

The Trump administration announced in May that it would spend $1 billion to expand teacher accountability measures that it said would give parents more information on their children’s performance.

In January, the Education secretary also announced that he was establishing a task force on “student accountability” that would provide a list of school policies and practices that teachers need to follow in order to be successful.

The new Obama administration rules could further complicate efforts to improve the educational performance of students with educational disabilities, which make up more than one-third of the US population.

The rule-making process has been stalled in Congress for several years, with the administration claiming that the White House did not have sufficient information to craft the new regulations.

The Education Department, which is also working on new rules for students and teachers, has argued that it was not necessary to get a formal rule drafted because the rules are already in place.

“We do have a process, and we are doing it as quickly as we can,” Harris said on Monday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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