With his parents on vacation, Cory Booker is putting the finishing touches on his next big idea: the free online gaming industry.

He plans to launch a gaming company with his father, who is a prominent figure in the technology industry, and he’s looking to capitalize on the growing interest in the industry.

Booker, an attorney, has built a business around the idea of offering free online game-playing classes to high school students.

But his plan is a little different than most of his peers, which is to get people into a game-making space with the promise of a return on their investment.

The $6,500 tuition he’s paying for the classes is actually being refunded, so students will be eligible for a credit.

The money will also be used to fund the company’s expansion plans.

It’s not the first time Booker has taken advantage of education tax breaks.

In 2014, Booker earned $1 million for an online gaming company he created, Free the Web, with the help of the state of New Jersey’s education department.

Bookers goal is to capitalize and help people who don’t have access to the kind of gaming opportunities available through other companies, which would be an incredible way to get the public in on the benefits of online gaming.

But, as Booker told ABC News, he is not going to offer the class for free.

The goal of his business is to create a gaming platform that will allow people to earn money through gaming, he said.

“This is going to be free and it’s going to have a purpose.

This is not a hobby, this is a business that is going get people to play,” Booker said.

Book of Games, which has already raised $5 million, is the latest startup to capitalize in the burgeoning online gaming space.

But the industry has also seen a sharp increase in investment in the past few years.

In April, Facebook bought the company behind free online video game-watching platform The Game Changer for $250 million, according to Bloomberg.

Last month, Amazon announced that it would invest $100 million in the online gaming startup Misfit Games.

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