A massive job loss is set to hit education this year.

The latest numbers show more than 60,000 jobs will be lost over the next five years.

Key points: Students are expected to lose out on about 1.6 million full-time equivalent positions over the five-year periodThere are already signs of job losses in the classrooms with teachers leaving and students dropping out of higher educationAs a result, the education industry will face a significant hit, with the education sector projected to lose more than 1.2 million full time equivalent positions during the next decade.

The Government has put a lot of emphasis on improving the education system, but this is not always the case.

In the first quarter of 2018, the total number of full- and part-time employees at the Education Sector dropped by 8,300, or 12 per cent.

According to a recent survey by the Australian Institute of Career Development, half of all workers in the sector said they were struggling to find work and they were likely to leave in the next six months.

However, that number dropped to 48 per cent in the second quarter.

What’s going on?

The impact of the recession has not only hit students.

Student enrolment is already down in 2018 compared to the year before, with only 22,000 more students expected to enrol in the year to March 2019 compared to 2016.

That is a huge blow to universities.

Professor David Boulton from the Australian National University’s School of Management said there is a lot more to the situation than just a lack of jobs in the schools.

“It’s the education sectors that are going to suffer,” he said.

He said there were signs of an “up-surge in student enrolments”.

“They are growing at an impressive rate, but are still at very low levels compared to what they were in the 1990s,” Professor Boulson said.

“So this has to do with the pressures in the economy.”

He pointed to the huge number of students graduating from university, which was expected to grow by 2.2 per cent between 2016 and 2019.

But he said the trend was still not going to continue as students continue to graduate at rates lower than the economy was able to sustain.

There is also concern over the number of high school students graduating in the coming year.

Currently, there are over 30,000 high school graduates, Professor Bouson said.

He said that was an unsustainable number that was unsustainable for the economy.

When will we see job losses?

A lot of these people have been here since they were a young child, he said, adding that they were the ones that would likely be leaving schools to find other employment.

We’ve got to make sure they are in the right place to find employment in the future, he added.

Dr Boulons research also found that there were more students leaving education, as students began to graduate, but that there was a lack in students wanting to return to higher education.

And in some cases, students have opted to transfer to a higher education institution and start a new career.

Education Minister Nick Smith said the Government was committed to improving the sector, but he also recognised that there would be some tough choices ahead.

Mr Smith said he was confident that the Government would be able to deliver a strong return to employment for students and their families.

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